Fontvieille village and a bit of Arles, eventually

A nice meander through the village is always a good shout. We never explored the shortcut from le camping and we never sampled the local eateries, of which there were several judging by the roadside menus.

Parking wasn’t an issue, plenty of room down side streets and the main car park, when it’s not market day, which it was.

Madame made a purchase with her spending money and I successfully haggled for a very fetching straw bonnet in the marché, which was not far off packing up for the day.

Rides were ridden, lollipops were licked and we moved on.

As it was approaching lunchtime we decided to try our luck in Arles again, to see if we could find *anywhere * to park the van.

Much driving around was necessary. Again. Kind of spoiled it.

Eventually we left the van off the back of a car park around the corner from Boulevard des Lices, where we’d seen the main market, and I decided we should head for the Roman Arena. That was a good move.

Before embarking on any further tourism we needed feeding, so found a Crêperie. With a queue. And oddly attired waiting staff. And Jambon Oeuf Fromage on the menu.

Which was nice.

We paid the fees and entered the highly impressive Arènes. Many a photo opportunity and great view.

The climb up the tower was spectacular.

The view out towards the Rhône was amazing.

Even spotted our lunch spot down below.

Watching a live event there would be quite something.

Obviously there was so much of Arles we didn’t see, none of the Van Gogh stuff, the riverside etc. Whether it was the parking difficulties alone or the approach from Fontvieille that put us off, we just didn’t feel it. We tried 3 or 4 times to head in, but in the end it just wasn’t for us, which hasn’t been the case with other places we visited on this trip.

Next stop Avignon, and a wind related near miss…

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