Chez Marilyn

This is just a short one, because the pictures speak for themselves.

Sunny Scotland

We couldn’t undertake a sojourn to the Hebrides, sailing from Mallaig, without calling in at Marilyn and Graham’s after so many years of a standing invite.

During a global pandemic is far from the ideal time to be visiting old friends, particularly ones who live way out away from the crowds anyway, but KB was adamant that we would never be forgiven for passing by without at least a quick hello, there would just have to be awkward grins from a distance instead of hugs.

A cruisy morning taking our time to pack up, we headed north in beautiful sunshine 🌞 and took in the views along the road to Glencoe.

This time you can see the scenery

The last time we passed this way, many years ago it was so cloudy and misty that you couldn’t see Jack. This time however it was a different kettle of fish.

Lunch stop was butties by the roadside just shy of Fort William and a park up on the edge of town and a couple of hours mooching.

View from the car park, Fort William, £2 for 2 hours

Madame required sunglasses so we masked up and entered a Superdrug of all places to make a purchase, then H adopted a hairy squeaky Haggis before we refuelled and moved on.

Plan was to stop off at Glenfinnan to satisfy the Potter fiend, but it was heaving, so we make a snack stop further up the valley, and actually saw the steam train pass by.


VW wave tally: 34 given out, only 11 returned. Poor.

A call to Marilyn guided us in and this is what greeted us.

View from the driveway!

What a spot to self isolate, grow veg, keep choox and enjoy the scenery. Beach at the end of your garden!

View from the van spot

A lovely long catch up on the lawn until the midges intervened – today’s repellent of choice was smidge. Nicer smelling and zero bites, despite v. annoying clouds of buzzing by the facials.

A tram around on the beach collecting shells, being freaked out by tentacular beasties (the mistress) and getting a wet bum (the boy child), jellyfish count 3, including one which contained a crab #InterestingOccurrence

Jellyfish/crab combination

Tea was a quick cook up of chicken, veg and noodles then a final walk by the water (hermetically sealed against midge ingress) before turning in

End of the garden

Hot enough to leave the door open until bedtime (obviously with midge net in place) and light enough to see by until well after 10.

Sun setting

Utterly silent. Van fridge and ticking watch sounded noisy. So did the posh neighbours at 1am (not dressed for chasing cats)

Early start to get to Mallaig for the ferry, sorry to not have been able to stay longer, and to have to keep a distance. Beautiful spot. Must return to do it properly.

Top view



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