All the Way to By the Way

So finally the day has arrived and we are off on #OperationHebrides2020. First stop is the Hostel/campsite at Tyndrum, right next to the Highland Way walking trail, hence the name By The Way. Booked online, 30 nicker including EHU.

Miles on the clock at departure:

Topped up with fuel and it looks like being a beautiful day

According to the wisdom of Google we are looking at 310 English miles and several hours on the road, basically making a day of it.

Due to the current situation we are a bit dubious of crowded areas, including motorway services, so morning snack was served in a lay-by somewhere on the A66. Not terribly scenic but we had a top cup of coffee and the infants and juniors enjoyed crisps and that.

#InterestingOccurrence number 1, unexpected roadside Bactrians:

Made good time…

Alexa, what country am I in?

We crossed the border just after 11.30 and by lunchtime, we stopped at Abington services about 35 miles south of Glasgow, having learnt from the mistake of stopping at Scotch corner. We snuck in to the caravan area by the grass and set up a smashing picnic. Great view of the hills and not half as many people as were milling around the main building.

View at lunch stop

Having said that, KB was dispatched in search of butties and returned reasonably triumphant with a selection of crisps and sarnies. We had a good hour lounging about in the sun before moving on.

Bit of lunchtime sunbathing

We hit a bit of traffic around Glasgow, and on the bridge over the Clyde, and it was fairly slow going along the length of Loch Lomond, but the views more than made up for it.

Crossing the Clyde
Loch Lomond in the sunshine

Found the camp with no probs and got set up by half fourish. £30 the night including EHU.

By the Way

Facilities open, you need a code to access. Mother, I apologise, but I’m not going in. You’ll have to whistle for your assessment of the conweniences. We’ve got the John tent up and the Popaloo ready to receive any liberated peanuts, and the new shower just waiting for a field test, so I’m socially distancing myself from the whole building.

To be fair to them they’ve got signs and sanitiser up all over the place and I’ve seen folk waiting for their turn to go in the office and the kitchen area. There’s lots of hikers about in v.small tents and they’ve got dinky cabins and hobbit tubes for rent so there’s quite a bit of variety.

Hobbit pipe

Seen and heard a train go past, how many more I wonder? Their website says only 3 go past per day. At 8.15pm the train count is 4. Lost track due to a wee dram or two but the last one was 10.15pm 😒

Lovely foresty scenery mind

Midge report: tonight we are testing the Avon favourite Skin So Soft, and as of 6pm none of the blighters have been spotted, probably due to the v.sunny and warm weather, by 8ish they began to descend. I can report following a night free of annoying buzzing,we seem to be bite free 🤞🤞despite KB’s prolonged exposure during mutual campervan adoration with the geezer next door.

After a short meander about with Madame, where we spotted a nettle bigger than herself, we returned to find the smallest had adopted a tent peg and was poking everything he could find.

Pitch 5, by the way 😆

No internet, so no movie night, just spaghetti bolognese for tea and a made up story about 3 Billy Goats Gruff called Simba, Ron Weasley and Yorek Byrnisson.

Leisurely morning, bit of close up Robin action

boiled eggs and crumpets, coffee to go and northward to Glencoe, Fort William and Mallaig for a socially distanced park up at Marilyn & Graham’s.



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