Lockdown Nostalgia Volume 1 The Red Book of the Road

Our 2nd #Campervanniversary has passed without us journeying forth to celebrate. Indeed the wagon is descansando on the driveway and has been pretty much the whole time since lockdown began in March.

Almost 3 weeks of sheltering KB when he had to isolate from the rest of us is the most action it has seen in months and so, I am reliving past wanderings with a serialisation of the great 2006 Starlet Voyage, a classic #ThrowbackRoadTrip if ever there was one.

I will not be transcribing the interesting occurrences as most of the joy is in the scrawl, odd doodle and stuck in booze labels, so I present…

Fig. 1 The red book

… the beautiful Red Book of the Road!

In the next epistle:


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