Ludlow with the folks

Another September another trip to the Ludlow food festival, sans Haakers again, but this time with mother and Dad, who had been touring the highways and byways of Herefordshire and Gloucestershire.

We had successfully booked in with Mrs Woman, and made a prompt departure via the beautiful M6 Toll road.

Extremely luckily the weather was fine and we had a warm welcome on the (empty again) back field.

The anklebiterz wasted no time in exploring the territory

And standard camping activities ensued, including, most pleasantly an al fresco teatime and libations.

The girl and I took a meander over to the farmhouse to pay up, Mrs Woman being surprisingly coherent this year and we enjoyed the sights and sounds.

This chap wasn’t all that pleased to see us.

The sunset was most fine…

As were the moon and stars

Saturday morning was crisp and misty and after a good brekkie we headed out.

A false start at the racecourse, but we made it in to town in good time. Oysters were procured en route to the castle and we began to explore.

We bumped into m’colleague as is customary and enjoyed sampling many a ware. Gwatkins Rhubarb cider was the opener and a pulled beef lunch scenario was choice.

The infants painted flags and much merriment ensued.

We gathered beefiness and accompaniments for a barbecue tea, one of the highlights was listening to a goat loving chef, from whom KB purchased a weighty tome.

The evening was most auspicious and we enjoyed a leisurely evening in the outdoors again. Sunset was amazing.

Sunday morning was a leisurely Cadac brekkie and a mosey on home.

Very nicely done.


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