Aigues Mortes

So, what did we know about Aigues Mortes before we went there? Not a deal. Read that it was a walled town, cobbly streets, restaurants a plenty, with car parking beyond the walls. What’s not to like?

We took off through the Camargue’s marais again and hooked a right.

Many a salt pan and vineyard were bypassed en route, the waterways were lovely

The last leg into town had some novelty sights

Dog grooming anyone?

And eventually we found a spot in Parking No. 4, which according to my googling, had no height barrier and was ideal for les camping-cars.

The thing we did discover though, was as access within the walls was limited, parking was an unavoidable expense. And expensive it was.

The town inside the walls was very nice, lots of knicky knacky shops, bars and restaurants. H found a big stick which he dragged around behind him for most of the day, and despite the heat some shady spots were found.

Ghost jellies.

We circumnavigated the main square examining the lunch scenarios and ended up at this place:

Aigues Mortes being the bull capital of the Camargue and with a long association with gypsies and cowboys made for an interesting situation. The Spanish influence was everywhere, and although we’d been in France over a week and I was well into French speaking mode it didn’t take much of the old español to influence what came out of my mouth!

I sampled the Toro steak, and a local pink wine and although the service was slow we didn’t mind. It turns out their Sauce Aigues-Mortaise on the mussels is the standard creamy curry sauce you find in several French towns.

After lunch we spied le petit train trundling around, so, as we are quite partial to a choo-choo we decided to give it a go. The commentary was through a speaker this time and all in French, so what bits I could actually hear I translated for the assembled congregation. Most of it was lost though amongst the general excitement.

Crenellations. Nice.

After the train ride we considered going up one of the towers, but the price and the queue put us off, so after procuring souvenirs and ice cream we retreated, satisfied with another good day out.

Only a few days remained now before the homeward journey, and all had been such lovely, plain sailing, but there was drama on the horizon…


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