Second Sojourn

On a bit of an impromptu campsite search, what was going to be a quiet weekend of fettling and trying to find homes for stuff, turned into a sneaky night away in Teversal. I’ve never been keen on the CC&C website because I don’t find it easy to navigate, but discovering the app was a sudden joy and finding what looked to be a cheaper (than last week) and nice looking site which would still leave us in range of pony club for Sunday morning, we packed up and after the annual scoot around the carnival, arrived in time for tea.

The site was lovely, really well kept and the welcome was warm and friendly. It was easy to find and although had the usual barrier security it didn’t feel as much of a fortress as Clumber. The pitches were spacious as were the pathways and we had no electricity based inconveniences this time. On inspection, the facilities would more than pass muster with mother and they scored real brownie points for the wet room style showers with toilet and wash basins all together. They were light and clean and stayed that way. The offspring were more than delighted with having a play area to explore and after cooking a most excellent montage slop style tea the girl child approved of the facilities for washing up where she did a grand job of drying the dishes.

So, interesting occurrences included an unexpected (and repeated) foray into the world of dabweshing due to an overexcited boy drinking copious amounts of water…

We had a visit from Uncle Dave and Vicky who heartily recommended the local alehouse and we enjoyed another cool evening drinking beers on slowly deflating chairs. I think purchasing some stouter seating is becoming more likely.

Cooking arrangements were more than satisfactory and the morning saw our first round of camping toast.

For years I’ve threatened to buy a stove top toaster and never did, and now weekend al fresco toast is a reality 😊👌🍞

Overnight was not such a smooth success as last week due to some nocturnal wailing from the boy but surprisingly he agreed to being put back to bed once he quietened down and my visions of clambering into the roof in the dark were thankfully not made real.

Although we seemed to be parked in the middle of a big family group we weren’t actually disturbed by them much. The caravan granny from next door who had been sitting watching us set up had a wee chat to me later on and said she was impressed by our arrival, especially how we didn’t even argue!

In the end it cost us 33.5 quid, which whilst still in the steep side felt a lot more like value for money than last weekend’s outlay and we shall definitely use that site again. We departed in time to arrive for horseriding and before heading home did a supermarket shop and were pleased at being able to stash the chilled goods on such a hot day and keep them fresh until we got home after Sunday lunch at mother’s. Bring on another caper next weekend!

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