Normal Service Resumed (Phew!)

So shiny!

Such a tale of woe, involving countless back and forth with the RAC and Citroën- nearly a month with the van off the road but eventually Big Red was returned and ready for adventure.

We decided to test the waters with a trip out Retford way to the Bluebell Inn at Lound. Found it through the C&CC app and was reasonably priced, but as I am very poor at keeping the blog up to date, it was months ago and I forget.

I ended up phoning Mrs Woman because actually booking through the app was too much faff as usual, and she was very nice although couldn’t promise to meet us as she was out at the fishmongers or summat. I paid her by bank transfer in a ver 21st century manner and all was sorted.

The camping field was at the back of the car park and through a stable yard, and was flat and spacious, not all pitches have hook up so we were at the stable end. Water was available but it felt like hours filling up the tank with the feeble trickle from the tap with our humongous tank.

There was a bit of mizzle in the air, but we were undeterred. Canopy out and relax.

Co-ordination specialist

Tried to get a table in the pub for tea but they were full with a big party, so we tested the gas barbie point instead.

Danger: chef at work

Luckily we had beef and spuds available – and also frozen peas on the off chance of testing the microwave. Doesn’t seem right microwaving whilst camping somehow, but children need nourishment, so it was done.

Love a reflected breadbin

So, instead of an evening in the pub, the anklebiterz exhausted themselves in the play area and we had a couple of al fresco uisquesinhos …

The Queen

A quiet and drizzly morning…

followed by a swift pack up and retreat after a nice cup of tea.

Bench cushions removed just in case

Definitely one to recommend, despite only finding the “campsite” toilet the next morning. It was decent value and a really nice spot.



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