Nothing to report since the summer and #OperationHebrides2020. Back to school and bubbles, social distancing (or lack of), masks, hand gel and staying home. Tier 3 restrictions and term ending a week before Christmas put paid to the standard celebrations and the sneaky New Year night away. Neighbouring counties now in tier 4. Sitting tight in the snow and hoping for some positive changes. #CampervanCapersNotTheCampervanButWishingWeWere Continue reading 2021

#OperationHebrides2020 – The Final Score

Statistics time, number fiends: 1340.5 miles covered. No issues getting fuel when we needed as we may have suspected, obviously we researched in advance where fuel stops were and when they were open (Sundays an issue) and kept on top of consumption, but you would, wouldn’t you? 16 days on the road. Loved (and needed) every one together. Cadac used only twice. Perhaps to be … Continue reading #OperationHebrides2020 – The Final Score

Chez Marilyn

This is just a short one, because the pictures speak for themselves. We couldn’t undertake a sojourn to the Hebrides, sailing from Mallaig, without calling in at Marilyn and Graham’s after so many years of a standing invite. During a global pandemic is far from the ideal time to be visiting old friends, particularly ones who live way out away from the crowds anyway, but … Continue reading Chez Marilyn

July and the Socially Distanced Camping Experiment

During lockdown we’ve been very good and done our best to follow the rules, use our common sense and keep ourselves, our family and others safe. 3 out of 4 of us stayed home all the time. KB soldiered on at the NHS and I homeschooled the anklebiterz and set and marked work for my own students. We took our daily walk, kept our distance … Continue reading July and the Socially Distanced Camping Experiment