This site is the brain child of LJ, and although I may not be much of a tech type I’m certainly well qualified in the field of camping, with over 40 years experience, of mainly tent-based adventuring. Travelling about, staying out in the open, eating well and drinking the odd fine wine is what it’s about and remembering the adventures with the aid of the interweb seemed like a good idea.

First forays into the sphere of campervan-related road tripping occurred whilst at the other end of the earth a good while ago now. Along with KB, we enjoyed the relative luxury of a rental machine and later owning a cheaper and rustier old Bongo wagon that did many Ks, needed many repairs and crapped out in the most inconvenient of places more than once.

This is the beginning of road trips with our own freshly finished VW and I’m looking forward to getting out there.